Pulsar Pro

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Pulsar Pro

Effortless shared charging

AC Charging
Business Charging

Always-ready accessibility for users. Easy management and control for network operators. One upgraded Pulsar charger designed especially for shared spaces.

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Why Pulsar Pro?


Integrated 4G and enhanced robustness for high uptime, without interruption.
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Easy authentication with RFID, NFC and myWallbox App.


Encrypted communication so personal data stays personal.

Energy Management

Your charging system is now an energy management solution.

Unlock the full potential of your network with our an advanced selection of power sharing and control capabilities.

Dynamic Power Sharing

Dynamic Power Sharing


Sirius Energy Intelligence

Sirius Energy Intelligence


myWallbox Business Portal

Easily manage users, updates, and payments for your network. Get the platform that matches your needs.

myWallbox App

Users can schedule charging sessions, monitor energy use and enable energy management features with one intuitive app.

Eiffel Pedestals

No walls, no problem. Create freestanding installations with single or dual mounting options.

Power Meters

Enable all our energy management functionalities, with wired and clamp variants to satisfy single and three phase installations.

Installers and Operators

What's in it for you?

Faster Installation

Reduced commisioning time with pre-configured 4G data plan.

Remote Management

myWallbox Business Portal and OCPP compatibility for charger management, payments, and more.

Improved Service & Maintenance

Enhanced security to prevent manipulation, damage and cyber-attacks, plus seamless remote software updates.

Cost Optimization

Internal meter with less than 2% error improves accuracy of energy transfers.

Pulsar Pro Features

Charging Speed: Up to 22kW

Connector & Cable: Type 2 | 5m or 7m (optional)

Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G

User ID: RFID, NFC and myWallbox access

Backplate Design for fast installation

Internal Meter with less than 2% error

Business EV Charging

See how Pulsar Pro is part of a complete solution in shared spaces.

Interested in Pulsar Pro?

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Where can I install Wallbox business chargers?

No matter how your facility is configured, we offer an ideal solution for your business needs. Our chargers can be easily installed on various surfaces such as walls, pedestals, and ceilings, providing versatile options to suit your specific requirements.

How can we lower energy costs for charging at commercial buildings?

myWallbox platform provides your organization with the necessary tools to manage multiple chargers efficiently and monitor the energy consumption of their EV charging infrastructure. Furthermore, our experts will perform an on-site energy assessment to provide you with the right load balancing solution to minimize infrastructure costs and maximize charging points.

Can Wallbox support different industries?

Absolutely! Wallbox offers versatile solutions that can cater to a wide range of industry requirements. Whether you’re managing commercial buildings, condominiums, real estate properties, workspaces, fleets, retail establishments or parking facilities, Wallbox has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.